What Is The Price Of Having A Private Plane?

Here you can read in basic steps some overall information about flying in your personal plane.

Flying for a single hour on a jet costs around $ 1,900 and parking a private plane costs from 3,800 to 6,850 dollars, depending on the airport. The most expensive airport when parking a private jet is the Haneda International Airport, in Tokyo (Japan) and the airport with the most traffic of jets is the Van Nuys of San Francisco Valley.

Flying for 200 hours a year is an approximate cost of $ 6,000, only in gasoline. Maintaining a private plane costs 700,000 to 4 million dollars, including expenses for gasoline, pilot, parking, appliance maintenance, etc.

Normally, private jets have a price of between 3 million dollars (the most basic) up to 90 million dollars. An exception to the rule: the most luxurious jet on the market today is the Airbus A380. It’s price? It is hovering around 500 million dollars.

The world of private jets moves close to 17,000 million dollars a year in the United States alone, where the largest number of aircraft (12,000) is concentrated. In Europe, the jet market is valued at around 15,800 million dollars.

So when you take a look at those numbers what do you think? Is it worth it? Or would you likely spend that money on something else?