Ryan Reynolds Alongside Wifey Blake Lively Celebrate His Aviation Gin Event

Parents’ date night turns into a huge NYC liquor event and party. Quite an unusual scenario but not for the actor couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. The pair attended and co-hosted an employee orientation party of the latest liquor star, Aviation Gin, this past Friday.

The reason why the self-proclaimed non-drinker and healthy lifestyle enthusiast Blake agreed to host and promote the liquor’s event, was the ownership interest of hubby Ryan in the company’s shares. However, Ryan did not only host the event as a shareholder but also as the company’s chairman after taking up a lead in the directing of the liquor brand.

Ryan dug into the liquor business only recently after a memorable encounter with the beverage at a local bar. The before unknown brand of liquor left that much of a strong impression on Ryan that he decided to snoop some more on its background until he completely fell head over heels for the millennial gin craze himself.

“I kept ordering this same Negroni (cocktail) again and again and I didn’t know why it was so good. It was because of the gin, Aviation Gin. I realized I didn’t need the Negroni—I just needed the gin.”

“We’re at the beginning of what feels like a modern day gin craze. Millennials are drinking it, young people are drinking it.”

Therefore it is finally revealed why the Reynolds-Lively household has been lately up to some very well conducted promotion of the liquor. Both Blake and Ryan took to social media, notably Instagram to promote the gin beverage on numerous occasions.

I don’t drink, but when I don’t, it’s always @aviationgin

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Even though we have not had the chance to taste the Aviation Gin ourselves, the liquor seems to be the ultimate bomb for a next gin-tonic sesh!