Vogue Expands Its Magazine Franchise to Two New Countries

Over the years, Vogue magazine became the ultimate fashion bible of all fashion and fashion trends enthusiasts. Being featured in Vogue is without a doubt goal of millions of aspiring models and designers all over the world. The Vogue Magazine franchise has a worldwide recognition with plentiful of different countries’ issues being published very month.

The latest addition to the Vogue family empire is not only one but right away two countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia with a single Czechoslovakian Vogue magazine branch.

Despite the Czech Republic and Slovakia being two completely separate countries, the unity of language and brotherhood has facilitated the emergence of a transnational collaboration on the establishing of the historically first Czechoslovakian Vogue.

The first issue was released this summer, on the 17th of August. The pre-cover release campaign featured short clips of Czech and Slovakian influencers, models like Eva Herzigova and Karolina Kurkova or other people from the industry attempting to guess and express who would they like to see on the first official cover.

The first released cover features the above-mentioned supermodel Karolina Kurkova from behind with a back tattoo that has a strong symbolic meaning to the history of the two countries in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of former Czechoslovakia.

The release of the magazine was followed by an opening of a pop-up store in central Prague where the readers could have purchased the first official issue.

Well, central Europe finally got its own fashion bible and we wish the Czechoslovakian Vogue franchise many more successful and inspirational issues as well as plenty of readers to inspire.