Femme Fatale Kirsten Stewart Kisses Finn Wittrock (And Others) In The New Interpol Music Video

When talking about actresses in music videos, Kirsten Steward is quite popular in being cast. She starred in Rolling Stones music video ‘Ride’em On Down” riding her blue Mustang GT, further you might spot her in her white suit playing guitar in the music video of Jenny Lewis entitled “Just One Of The Guys and now she is on screen of the new music video of an American Indie Rock Band Interpol with the title “If you really love nothing”.

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Kirsten Stewart in Rolling Stones Music Video

Kirsten Stewart shares the screen with another famous actor – Finn Wittrock who is known for his role in American Horror Story Series. And he has got some nerves being in a club with this manic pixie girl that Kirsten plays in the video. Kirsten impersonates a wild-at-heart-persona with her blond pixie cut, who walks into a party (arriving there in a car boot!) with Finn and a decision to just kiss everyone she meets. Take a look at the video 📺

“If You Really Love Nothing” is the third single off the Interpol’s sixth album, Marauder that is out today.

Stewart can be seen kissing Chloë Sevigny in the upcoming Lizzie. Wittrock, currently Emmy nominated for American Crime Story, has several projects coming up, including Barry Jenkin’s Moonlight follow-up, If Beale Street Could Talk.