Virtuoso Guitarist Anna Calvi Brings Her Strong Attitude In Her New Album `Hunter`

Anna Calvi started her music career in the year 2011 when debuting with her eponymous self-titled album Anna Calvi. From this moment, Calvi achieved success across Europe and US. Her second album One Breath from the year 2013 received critical praise upon release, with The Independent calling the album “an LP that rumbles with lusty insistence, swoons with bliss, luxuriates in cinematic style and nudges Calvi’s emotive voice to fresh operatic heights”. No surprise she gained Mercury Prize nominations for both albums. 

Now Anna Calvi is is back with her first album in five years entitled Hunter, bringing back guitar melodies that get under your skin.

Výsledek obrázku pro anna calvi hunter


The main topic of Anna Calvi album is about the never-ending gap between men and women sexuality accompanied by dark, dazed guitars.

I wanted simplicity, I wanted something quietly brave, quietly defiant. I wanted there to be intimacy. I wanted to find a place between beauty and ugliness.
I’m tired of seeing women depicted as being hunted by men in our culture.  This woman is the hunter. She goes out into the world and sees it as hers – she wants something from it. Hunter is about exploring one’s pleasure in all possible ways, free from any shame. It’s about finding a safe space where this is welcomed and supported.

Take a listen and dive deep into the woods accompanied by Anna Calvis`s dark, powerful voice.