New Lamborghini Urus wants to astound the world

Lamborghini’s comeback of SUVs is here and it’s going to be huge. Their second SUV, the successor of LM002, Lamborghini Urus is being planned to come on the market in 2018 and we are looking forward to it.

Probably everyone knows Lamborghini but not everyone knows their first SUV, LM002, prototype by codename Cheetah that was intended to be used by US Army. Lamborghini had to make something special and they did. Cheetah was introduced to the world in 1977. Today, 40 years later, they are back at it.

Lamborghini’s officials claim Urus to be the world’s first SSUV (Super Sport Utility Vehicle). Urus will contain a V8 bi-turbo engine with a maximum power output of 478 kW / 650 HP so we have something to look forward to. 8-gear automatic transmission, permanent 4-wheel drive system, a maximum speed of 305 km/h (190 mph). It’s going to be epic.

Lamborghini sure knows how to make a unique car with beautiful design and outstanding performance.