I would like to present to you the philosophy of the new ONN social media network. You might find many things to be different or unconventional in the area of social networking, but that is just our mission and the reason for creating this exceptional application. Be open to new things, new experiences and emotions. Anyone who likes to follow the career of successful people and get inspired by their achievements, now have the opportunity to enter the ONN network by using the ONN Discover application. We have created a space where you can get closer to people who inspire you and finally, you can become an inspiration to others.

Alternatively, you can try our premium section through the ONN Network application, where we utilize innovative features to create a new direction of social networking.

The premium section was created in a limited number of profiles, thus creating space that will focus on our members only. With a limited number of 2,890 accounts, we strive to ensure the highest possible quality of our services and attention to each member. We focus on the presentation of our members and give them the space they deserve. Our premium accounts offer a variety of innovative features that are completely new to the world of social networking. These functionalities are designed for your comfort, self-presentation, and for creating new experiences with your friends and other network members. You can watch, share and rate these and other things, as well as inspire crowds of other people.

As the first in the world, we have introduced our own magazine to social networking, giving our members as well as exceptional people from various backgrounds the space to present themselves.

Through the magazine, you are forming the image of your success that further serves as an inspiration for other users of the social network. Our goal is to provide positive information about our members and exceptional people who can motivate crowds and have a positive influence on them.

We are starting to give new directions to social networks, both for premium members and for discovering users. Gradually, we are preparing other revolutionary functionalities that will greatly improve the user experience.

Be open to a new experience and direction, let yourself be inspired and be an inspiration to others.

We invite you to get new experiences by using our ONN Network and ONN Discover applications.